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Corporate Coaching

Packages offered in the program, are designed for organizations and companies interested in improving their productivity and work environment by understanding areas in which company employees experience high levels of ongoing stress, conflicts and/or crisis.


In this program I provide workshops as well as group and individual coaching sessions to help different departments and employees understand their unique sources of stress and conflict, which make them vulnerable for crisis. I help identify current mechanisms and dynamics affecting functioning, productivity and employee satisfaction.


Together we explore how company dynamics and energetic level affects the way company goes through difficult and stressful situations. Together in group work and during individual meetings we develop effective ways to deal with stress by improving communication, problem resolution strategies, crisis management on individual level and overall energetic presentation.


Services provided by Coach Ioda include but not limited to:

  • Conflict management and transformation program


  • Stress management 

  • Crisis management

  • Public Speaking 

  • Workshops



One of the specific skills and techniques in my coaching practice with individuals and corporations is implementation of Energy Leadership Assessment tools. I hold Energy Leadership Indeks Master Practitioner certificate which allows me to use this unique and highly effective method in my coaching practice.

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