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There is more to life than we can see. There is more to us than we can imagine.

- Alex Ioda - 


  • Not every conflict within us is a sign of mental illness.

  • Not every emotional distress requires medications and treatment.

  • Not every relational problem has to lead to break up.

  • Not every conflict should be avoided.

  • In every problem there is a solution and every challenge has a gift.

  • There is an opportunity for growth in every difficult situation.

  • Every crisis has energy for transformation within it. 

​Today, many of us are caught up in the notion that situations and life are about managing and fixing things that are not going right for us. We are used to accepting that feelings of sadness, worries and stress are wrong, and when something is wrong, logically, it requires repairing and fixing. This can lead to the belief that we all have to fit in to expectations of others. We learned to forget that we are unique human beings and have our own life to live, our own path to follow. Sure there are many coaches and therapists whose work is centered around short term solutions, but my work is focused more on the transformational process to get long lasting and far reaching results.

​My work is based on the conviction that we need stress and conflict to grow, to get in touch with our passion and purpose so that we may feel fulfilled and alive. And yes, sometimes it takes crisis to make significant and radical leaps to generate energy for meaningful changes in our lives. Partnering with me, you will be able to transform the energy generated by stress and conflict to motivation and empowerment.

​As a client, you will learn to find your unique path to funnel this energy and foster growing feelings of fulfillment. It is not about learning to cope with stress, conflict, and crisis in order to keep the status quo. Instead, it is about a greater gift, purpose, and fulfillment, which so many of us seek today. You will have an opportunity to find relief and transform the debilitating and negative effects of stress into growth, conflict - into opportunity, and crisis - into fulfillment. The effects of coaching with me will transfer positively to many if not all areas of your life.

Interested in finding your own personal gift hidden in your current stress or crisis? Then call or email for a complimentary strategy session! Take control of your amazing life now!

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