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Turn Your Crisis Into Conscious Growth

We all know that crisis can wreak havoc on our personal wellbeing. Most of us mortals have experienced this to the detriment of sanity. Some feel like they are on a constant rollercoaster, while others feel as if they are living in the shadows of crisis. Another challenge that comes with experiencing personal crisis is that of conflict with identity, self-image and your world view.

But what exactly constitutes a crisis?

A crisis means you are experiencing a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. It is a time when a difficult or important decision has to made. The crisis is often unexpected, creates uncertainty, and is a threat to critical goals. It happens when our perceived balance is disturbed to the point of no turning back to the status quo. These inevitable changes precede the often-required series of significant changes needed to rebalance our well-being.

Unsurprisingly, during these moments of uncertainty, we are vulnerable to some levels of anxiety and even fear. When you are anxious and fearful, there is a natural tendency to resort to your ‘animal’ flight or fight instinct. And wearing blinders guided only by your survival instinct leads to irrational and harmful decisions.

Once a crisis hits, it always appears unexpected and seems to come at the worst possible time. It creates a sense of urgency and pressure that almost automatically forces us to switch to our survival mode. We run like chickens, get paralyzed, fight and scream, or worse, crawl into a fetal position. Obviously, none of these options serve us well.

Accessing your inner ‘warrior’ to transform crisis

While some may see limited options, or have an inability to embrace other options, there are others who show incredible skills at functioning effectively during a crisis. These groups of people tend to have their highest functioning ability, with laser-like focus and efficacy. What sets the stage for such mobilization and motivation when faced with a crisis? Well, it resembles the state of a warrior who stands in the face of a significant threat. The hero within us awakens and takes control. But how do we find the hidden hero in all of us? How do we attain the perfect qualities of a warrior?

We prepare our mindset to be able to function in the world where future is not certain and crisis can occur when we least expect it. Having this mindset takes training. We train for the unpredictable and unexpected. Just like a warrior trains for the moment of uncertainty, so too we need to train our minds. We prepare to function with greater capacity by expanding our consciousness. This preparation, in turn, expands our worldview and we learn to see possibilities in crisis. Psychological research shows that life satisfaction correlates with the ability to assess something from multiple viewpoints. Once we can embrace multiple perspectives, it is easier for us to retain control and deal with the crisis in an optimal way.

Conscious growth through coaching

The effectiveness of working with a life coach can provide significant benefits and valuable opportunities for conscious growth and transformation. Through deeper self-exploration of your individual “blinders,” which can often constrict and limit your world views and possibilities, you will be able to redefine and see possibilities in challenges, and opportunities for growth in your coaching journey.

With experience and non-judgmental approach, the coach will work together to determine the client’s individual needs and challenges, and then create a customized plan to help break through any internal limits and to expand the client’s consciousness, leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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